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Our team champions innovative ideas on each project, right from the outset, and on an ongoing basis. We have long-term relationships with most of our clients – throughout the past nineteen years we have worked with many of our clients on multiple generations of their online projects.

On each project, visitor engagement, accessibility and usability are our areas of focus. We are always able to find an innovative solution to any technical challenge. We stay at the forefront of our industry by committing to a lifelong learning process.

Web site design and development – is the core of our business.

We love the internet and the opportunities that it brings for enhancing meaningful two-way communication. Often ‘online’ is about ways to bring people together offline – back here in the real world. At other times it’s about learning, researching, collaborating, and creating.

We love it all.

We use technology when and where it makes sense. We would never spin your logo in flames just because we can. In our world, form and function are always inextricably linked.

We offer a full range of services, including:

Branding and Identity Development

Got a snazzy logo but a dumpy web site? What about the right brain of a programmer, but the left foot of an artist? Barking Dog Studios can help you put a new face on your old web site by working with you or your development staff to create a unique web identity that complements your company’s existing print marketing material or your marketing manager’s tie. More people will see your web site than your stationery or business card, why not leave a lasting impression?

Content Management Systems

Have you been paying a web developer to update your site monthly? Weekly? How about daily? Did you know there’s a better way that doesn’t involve going back to school? We can create a web-based administration system for your web site that allows for updating of text, and graphics, by the author of the content, the person who knows it best. How easy is it? Can you use a web browser? It’s that easy. Self-sustainability – its a big word, but we believe in it and you should too.

Dynamic content also lets you do other cool things like: repurposing text and graphics throughout your site, collecting visitor entered data and downloading it in a file format you can read on your desktop, and control who updates what and when. Within your project, we’ll help you assess the pros and cons of current CMS systems v.s. a custom solution. Choosing the best tool for the job will help you get the most out of your project’s budget.

Web and Mobile Applications

Ok. We wrote this bit 10 years ago – but it still applies: The web isn’t just for marketing. Imagine this – you’re sitting in an internet cafe in Osaka, sipping green tea while you query your customer database and launch a new e-campaign to all customers whose postal code starts with the letter P. It’s possible. Most business systems can easily be translated to the web and mobile.

Concerned about security? Fear not.

We can design multi-level user login systems and backup procedures to keep your data safe and sound.

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